Earth Day 2012: Our Top 5 Tips to Sustainable Health!

Happy Earth Day to all of our viewers & subscribers across the globe! Each year on April 22nd, there’s a huge push worldwide to increase the awareness and appreciation of our Earth’s natural environment; so of course Tasty25 Magazine had to join in! We believe that taking care of our environment is equally important as pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and below we’ve comprised our “Top 5 Tips to Sustainable Health” for our food conscious community. And let’s be honest: They’re all VERY simple & practical. So why not start today? Challenge yourself to learn & live them, and share this article with your friends, family, and co-workers! -Tasty25 Staff



5 Tips to Sustainable Health

    1. Tip #1: Buy Local! Eating local, sustainable agriculture that is in season will help reduce harmful emissions in the ozone, and cuts down on food miles when transporting food from different areas of the world. Your food will also be fresher, and the local economy will thank you!

    2. Tip #2: Eat ORGANIC. Some of the worlds largest energy hogs in food & agriculture are avoided by organic farming, which leaves out energy-intensive chemical pesticides and fossil-fuel-based fertilizers. In fact, according to the Rodale Institute, organic farming uses 45 percent less energy and creates 40 percent fewer greenhouse-gas emissions than conventional farming. And news flash, organic farming is much healthier for your body! The most commonly used pesticides, glyphosate and atrazine, have been shown to damage DNA and lower child IQ, and in animal studies are linked to infertility, low sperm count, and prostate and testicular cancer. I think we can all agree that those are all things we’d like to avoid, so try your best to eat organic! (Learn more about this HERE)

    3. Tip #3: Plan Ahead. For some of your “cook once, serve twice” meals, you can save on long use of large appliances by using a crock pot for soups, stews, or other foods that can be used for more than one meal. You could also bake or roast chicken, or other meats, and package the extras to use cold on salads and sandwiches!

    4. Tip #4: Eat Meals with Family and Friends! Eating as a group means you’re only cooking once, and therefore using less energy than if everyone in your home cooks an individual meal. Plus, you might enjoy the company & conversation! (Click HERE for recipe ideas.)

    5. Tip #5: Don’t Be a Waster! The amount of food waste in countries around the world has reached pretty staggering proportions; In the United States alone, there is roughly 1,400 calories of food wasted per person per day! And it takes a lot of natural resources to make all of this food—185 million barrels of oil every year just in the US. That’s 46 times the amount of oil that gushed out of the Deepwater Horizon during the 2010 oil spill! So how can you practically prevent waste ? Try these:

      • Buy only what you need, and make sure to save leftovers for consumption or compost!

      • Make sure to reorganize your fridge, keeping your leftovers and perishable goods in plain sight so you won’t forget they’re there.

 Have your own tips or suggestions for including sustainability and economic awareness in your everyday life? Share your thoughts below by leaving a comment!

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