5-Minute Microwave Baked Apple!

Whether you’re trying to make something healthy for the kids, looking for a quick study break snack in your dorm, or want something wholesome that you can fix at work, this 5-Minute Microwave Baked Apple is for you! Sent in by Nikki Latham of Brisbane, Australia, this deliciously sweet snack will leave your taste buds & your body happy; ONLY 180 CALORIES PER SERVNG! Don’t forget to show some love by rating and commenting below, and Happy Cooking!  – Tasty25 Staff



What you need:

Fuji or Gala apple

Tbsp. honey

Tsp. raisins

1 Tsp. unsalted butter

1/8 Tsp. cinnamon

1 Tsp. chopped almonds (Optional)

Directions: (Approximate cook time: 5 minutes; Serving size – 1 adult)

  1. Remove apple core, then remove peel from the top 1/2 inch of apple.

  2. In a bowl, mix raisins, honey and butter (Add almonds if desired); Pack mixture into core of apple.

  3. Place apple right side up in a microwave-safe bowl; Pour in 1/2 cup water, then sprinkle cinnamon over top of apple.

  4. Cover bowl with microwave-safe plastic wrap, leaving a small space for steam to escape, and cook in microwave on full power for 5 minutes, or until apple is fragrant and soft. (Check apple every 2 minutes.)

  5. Remove apple from the bowl, place on a small clean plate, and pour 1 Tsp. of the cooking liquid over the apple; Serve warm.

  6. Eat & enjoy!

 Thanks Nikki for sending in this wonderful arrangement to Tasty25 Magazine! What’s your Tasty25 creation? Send in your recipe, and be featured on Tasty25 by going to the “Submit Your Tasty25 Creation” page.

6 thoughts on “5-Minute Microwave Baked Apple!

  1. I’ve been looking for something just like this! My kids are gonna love this, especially since they love apples, but eating them all the time with pb can get boring.

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