Tasty25’s Nutrition Tip #6: Get Your Vitamin D!

Hi Tasty25ers! My name is Thy Ho-Pham, and I’m the new nutrition expert for Tasty25 Magazine! I’m really excited to join the Staff of Tasty25 in helping to grow our ever expanding food conscious community, and also to try some great healthy & delicious recipes just like you! To follow up with our Nutrition Tip #5 on Calcium, we want to encourage our food conscious community to follow our Nutrition Tip #6 and get adequate vitamin D along with calcium; they are dynamic partners in our bodies! 



 Vitamin D is needed in the body to maintain sufficient levels of calcium and phosphate so that bones can mineralize and stay strong. Insufficient amounts of vitamin D can lead to thin, brittle bones and potentially increase the risk of osteoporosis.  Those who are pregnant and are deficient in vitamin D put their infants at risk for nutritional rickets.

 Throughout the world, a major source of Vitamin D is the sun! Our bodies can synthesize vitamin D from direct sunlight.  How much an individual makes vitamin D depends on skin color, time spent in the sun, the seasons, and sunscreen. We encourage all of our members to go outside and be active in the sun; but if you are concerned about being out the sun too long, another way to get is from food or fortified products. Fish liver oils, fatty fish like salmon, trout, halibut, rockfish, and herring all contain high amounts of vitamin D. If fish is not to your taste, eating foods fortified with vitamin D such as whole grain cereals, juice, milk, certain dairy products, and other milk substitutes.


“If you are concerned about being insufficient in vitamin D, please talk to you doctor before taking any supplements or drastically changing your diet.”Thy


 Thy Ho-Pham is Tasty25 Magazine’s nutrition expert & nutritional advisor. Thy has a Masters Degree in Nutrition from the prestigious Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

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