Veggie Omelette w/ Avocado Salsa and Fruit Salad!

Another tasty breakfast recipe for our food conscious community! Try out this Veggie Omelette w/ Avocado Salsa and Fruit Salad submitted by Hailey Pharmer from Irvine, California; this 430-calorie complete breakfast is exactly what you need to kickstart your day in a dynamic way! Plus, you’re getting well over 100% of your Vitamins A & C! Let us know your thoughts about this awesome recipe by leaving a rating & comment, and we hope you enjoy! Happy Cooking! – Tasty25 Staff



Every recipe has a story! Hailey shared hers with us: “I learned about eating clean almost a year ago, and I’m constantly learning more & trying new ideas! This recipe I created was inspired by my desire to cut out processed foods, and also by my love for a hearty, healthy breakfast each morning!” –Hailey


What you need:

For the omelette:

3 egg whites

1 cup kale (Roughly chopped; About 3 kale leaves)

¼ cup red bell pepper (Roughly chopped)

¼ cup Tomatoes (Roughly chopped)

¼ cup green onion (Roughly chopped)

1 garlic clove (Finely chopped)

2 Tbsp. white onion (Chopped)

2 Tbsp. olive oil

Black pepper (To taste)

Red pepper flakes (To taste; Optional)

For the avocado salsa:

½ Cup avocado

¼ Cup red roma tomato, chopped

2 Tbsp. purple onion, finely chopped

1 Tbsp. fresh cilantro, chopped

For the fruit salad:

3-4 Strawberries, chopped

½ Kiwi, peeled and chopped

½ Small mango, peeled and chopped

4 Raspberries

1 Tbsp. shredded coconut

Directions: (Approximate cook time: 15 minutes; Serves 1 adult.)

  1. Beat egg whites in a small bowl; Sauté the vegetables in 1 Tbsp. of olive oil over medium heat (Only about 2-3 minutes) Sauté just until soft and brightly colored, then set aside.

  2. Heat the other 1 Tbsp. of olive oil in a small frying pan over medium heat, pour eggs into the pan, add black pepper, and cover; Cook until lightly browned on bottom and flip.

  3. Add ½ of the vegetables mixture to one half of the omelet, then fold the other half of the omelet over the top; Let sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute with the heat off; Add the other half of veggies on top of omelet.

  4. To prepare the avocado salsa, in a small bowl, mix your red tomato, purple onion, cilantro and lemon juice; With a large spoon, carefully spoon avocado out of the skin. Spoon tomato mixture onto the avocado, serve next to the omelet, and sprinkle with red pepper flakes.

  5. Serve the omelet & avocado salsa with the fruit salad.

  6. Eat & enjoy!

 Thanks Hailey for sending in this wonderful arrangement to Tasty25 Magazine! What’s your Tasty25 creation? Send in your recipe, and be featured on Tasty25 by going to the “Submit Your Tasty25 Creation” page.

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