Tasty25’s Nutrition Tip #8: 6 Tips On Maintaining A Healthy Salt Intake!

Salt is definitely one of our favorite seasonings to use, and the most common salt we use in our cooking is sodium chloride. Salt makes our food taste good, it preserves our food and we just can’t live without it; literally! Our bodies depend on sodium and chloride; Sodium regulates fluid and blood volume, helps our nerves send signals to each other, and chloride also maintains fluid and electrolyte balance*. 


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It is very rare that a person is sodium chloride deficient, but it is very common that there is excess intake of the beloved duo. The largest source of sodium chloride is from foods during processing. An adverse effect of high sodium chloride in our diets is high blood pressure. Consistently maintaining high blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular complications, kidney disease, and stroke; high sodium chloride concentration can exacerbate diabetes and other metabolic diseases. The Institute of Medicine recommends 1.5g/day is the adequate intake for healthy adults. This amount is equivalent to only ONE teaspoon of sodium chloride per day!


Tasty25 Magazine has 6 helpful tips on how to daily maintain healthy salt intake:


  • Eat foods, cooked or raw, in their natural state. The natural taste of the food shines better if there is little to no salt added!

  • Use other spices and herbs to enhance the food’s flavor instead of salt.

  • If buying canned vegetables that are preserved in salt (look in the ingredients label), rinse the vegetables with water to get rid of the excess salt.

  • Drink a lot of water!

  • Exercise for at least 25-30 minutes a day to sweat.

  • Be sure to use iodized salt to help ward of iodine deficiency.


*Dietary Reference Intakes 2005


Thy Ho-Pham is Tasty25 Magazine’s nutrition expert & nutritional advisor. Thy has a Masters Degree in Nutrition from the prestigious Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

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