FREE Recipe Download .PDF from Tasty25!

Tasty25 Magazine joins Whole Foods of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for our 1st health related community event that will be held today Saturday, August 4th! We will showcase a few of our healthy & delicious recipes for people to taste, while also giving individuals & families resources and direction on how to practically place a greater emphasis on healthy nutrition in the home. The event is from 12pm-2pm, and we’re very excited for this unique opportunity to do something unprecedented! In all honesty, there is no better way for Tasty25 to begin it’s outreach into the community by starting in the great State of Louisiana in the Capital City; the city where it all began!



To show our gratitude to our followers & subscribers, we’ve made ALL of the recipes from todays cooking demonstration available for FREE! This beautiful visual arrangement designed by Tasty25’s Rachel Bedsole is available for you to print, email, and share on any of the social networks you use.


Click Here for Tasty25 Magazine’s Recipe .PDF Download!


To our subscribers all around the world, the Staff of Tasty25 Magazine would like to simply say thank you. Thank you for your outpour of love & support, and additionally for joining our food conscious community’s mission of eradicating obesity & food insecurity across the globe. We promise to continue helping people kick-start their healthy nutrition lifestyle by providing affordable, healthy & delicious recipes of 25 minutes or less, as well as health news, tips, and other nutrition related information. Thanks again everyone, enjoy the recipes, and as always Happy Cooking! –David Jones II, Founder & Editor of Tasty25 Magazine


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