Drew Brees Gives BIG to Tasty25’s Health Initiative!

 On Wednesday, January 30th, New Orleans Saint’s star quarterback Drew Brees and the “Brees Dream Foundation”, partnered with “Companies With A Mission” (CWAM) to give $2,000 to the New Orleans Council for Community and Justice’s (NOCCJ) Health Initiatives that our team at Tasty25 Magazine created!




 This funding opportunity came through the New Orleans “Super Service Challenge”, a competition by CWAM where hundreds of local Louisiana businesses volunteered a day of service to a New Orleans non-profit organization. Businesses then nominated their charity for additional funding, in order for the non-profit to continue serving the community at a greater capacity.

 Tasty25 Magazine was honored to serve our partners & friends at The New Orleans Council for Community and Justice (NOCCJ) for the Super Service Challenge. The NOCCJ is a human rights organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry, and racism in the Greater New Orleans Area. They have been active in community since 1947, and they work to empower young men and women to be leaders within their own communities. Every year high-school students participate in coordinated workshops put on by the NOCCJ to broaden the minds and experiences of each participant.

The NOCCJ has supported us in our community efforts to fight obesity, diabetes, and other preventable diseases within our state, and we were so excited for the opportunity to help NOCCJ plan their Healthy Lifestyle Initiative for the families and youth of New Orleans. The NOCCJ has committed to the task of making our city more food conscious by New Orleans’ tricentennial.

 We’d like to say thank you to Drew Brees, Companies With A Mission, and to each person who voted for NOCCJ to receive these timely funds, as they embark on their mission to make the city of New Orleans, Louisiana healthier. We’re excited for the opportunity to continue helping NOCCJ make this lofty goal a reality. -Tasty25 Staff

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