“Summer Smoothie Marathon”: #4) Post-Workout Smoothie

We’re really excited for Smoothie #4 in our “Summer Smoothie Marathon”, our healthy & delicious “Post-Workout Smoothie”! This smoothie blend is the follow-up to our “Pre-Workout Smoothie” we featured yesterday, but it’s pretty amazing in it’s own rite; it jumpstarts muscle recovery, and helps to restore your electrolyte balance after the rigors of a challenging workout. Plus, check out this nutritional info: 22.6 grams of protein per serving, 32% of your DV of fiber, and 19% of your daily recommended intake of calcium! You’re gonna wanna down this bad boy within an hour or 2 of working out, to get the maximum absorption needed for recovery. After you give this smoothie a try, leave a rating & comment below, because we know you’ll enjoy it! Happy Cooking. – Tasty25 Staff




CALORIE COUNT: 531 Calories Per ServingSERVING SIZE: 1-2 Adults


What you need:

1 Tbsp. Cinnamon

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter

1 Cup Chopped Bananas

1/2 Cup Plain Yogurt (Low Fat)

1/2 Cup Milk (Low Fat) (Skim, Soy, Rice, or Almond)

Directions: (Approximate cook time: 3 minutes; Servings: 1-2)

  1. Place all ingredients into container of electric blender; Blend on high until smooth.

  2. Serve immediately. (Smoothie will become thick if not consumed right away; refrigerate leftovers of your serving immediately!)

  3. Drink & enjoy!

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