Welcome to Tasty25 Magazine! Here you can view healthy & delicious recipes sent in by ordinary people from across the globe; recipes that take 25 minutes or less to make! We have subscribers in over 100 countries worldwide, and we’re growing daily. In addition to our great archive of wholesome recipes, we provide health, nutrition and fitness tips & information, as we strive to bring a practical & affordable approach to everyday healthy living. Thanks for stopping by, and we welcome you to our food conscious community!



 Tasty25 Magazine was founded in February 2012 by David Jones II of Baton Rouge, LA after his father expressed a desire to lose weight & become healthy. David set out on his mission to help his father achieve nutritional health, and along the way realized that hundreds of millions of people worldwide dealt with identical health problems & issues as his father was experiencing. People everywhere wanted to eat healthy, but weren’t following through; David delved deeper to answer the question of “Why?”.


He identified 4 main issues preventing people from pursuing nutritional health:

  • TastePeople feel that eating healthy is unenjoyable to their taste buds!

  • TimePeople feel like eating healthy is cumbersome, and requires too much time.

  • AffordabilityPeople feel like they can’t afford to eat healthy!

  • AvailabilityPeople have trouble with finding outlets that serve/sell healthy food items.


 After identifying these 4 issues, the idea for Tasty25 Magazine was born: “An online publication that would help people understand that healthy nutrition could be enjoyable, practical, and affordable, while also advocating for an increase of accessible healthy nutrition worldwide.”


 Tasty25 Magazine gives YOU the opportunity to help others achieve nutritional health, by allowing you to submit your healthy 25 minute recipe creations that will be displayed for the world to see! From dinner to dessert, ethnic to traditional, and healthy foods for special diets, you can find it all here to help you along the highway of health. Join us as we seek to create a food conscious community of people all across the globe by featuring healthy & delicious recipes of 25 minutes or less, along with health tips, news, and updates. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is about the journey, not the destination, and only through being food conscious will we see a lasting changes in the health of our families, friends, and neighbors.


Do you have a Tasty25 creation you would like to contribute? We’d love to feature your recipe on our site! To submit your recipe & photos of your creation, simply follow the instructions on our “Submit Your Tasty25 Recipe!” page.


Tasty25 Magazine is a product of Jones-Diez, LLC (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

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