Community Spotlight: Tasty25 on WBRZ Channel 2 News!

Tasty25 Magazine was featured on ABC News affiliate Channel 2 News for our health & nutrition efforts in the community, and across the globe! Check out our “2Make A Difference” segment on WBRZ by clicking the image below. Enjoy, be food conscious, and Happy Cooking! -Tasty25 Staff




Video: Tasty25 Magazine at Whole Foods-Baton Rouge!

On Saturday, August 4th, Tasty25 Magazine linked up with Whole Foods of Baton Rouge to put on their 1st ever Back-To-School Bonanza; MyScene TV caught up with us to check out all of the hustle & bustle behind our 1st community event in the city where it all started! Tasty25 Editor David Jones II gives a summary of the event, talks about the mission & vision of Tasty25, and also shows his gratitude to the Whole Foods corporation for encouraging our food conscious community to continue growing & expanding .

Watch it, share with friends & family, and show us some love by leaving a comment below! Let’s all remain food conscious, and we hope you enjoy. Happy Cooking! -Tasty25 Staff




For more images from this event, click this link:


MyScene TV Talks Health, Recipes, and the Vision of Tasty25 Magazine!

Hey Tasty25ers, take a second and check out our 1st ever television interview! Leila Toussi of MyScene TV discusses health, recipes, and the mission & vision of Tasty25 Magazine with our Founder & Editor David Jones II. Make sure to watch it, and share with friends & family to help them understand what we’re all about! Let’s all remain food conscious, and we hope you enjoy. Happy Cooking! -Tasty25 Staff


Tasty25 Magazine Founder & Editor David Jones II w/ MyScene TV

David Jones II w/ Leila Toussi of MyScene TV Louisiana, Downtown Baton Rouge, LA