Spicy Chicken Brown Rice Pasta with Raw Mint Walnut Pesto!

You’re only 25-minutes away from a gourmet healthy & delicious recipe! Check out this Spicy Chicken Brown Rice Pasta with Raw Mint Walnut Pesto recipe submitted by Tasty25 contributor Amber Constant of New Orleans, Louisiana; this balanced & wholesome meal feeds 3 adults, and touts a mere 348 calories per serving! It will make a great lunch or dinner for you and/or your family, and the food presentation is even dashing enough to consider preparing it for a romantic candlelit dinner with a significant other! Make sure to share your thoughts with everyone by leaving a rating & comment below, and we hope you enjoy. Happy Cooking! – Tasty25 Staff




Every recipe has a story! Amber shared hers with us: “I really LOVE the raw mint pesto on this dish; the flavors blend so amazingly! Additionally, feel free to garnish the dish with black sesame seeds and/or hemp seeds for added taste & food presentation.” –Amber


CALORIE COUNT: 348 Calories Per ServingSERVING SIZE: 312 grams.


What you need:


Ingredients for Pasta & Pasta Sauce:

1/2 Package of brown rice pasta

1/2 Large white onion (Chopped)

2 Cloves fresh garlic (Chopped)

2 Cup tomato basil pasta sauce

1 Cup shredded chicken (*You can buy a small rotisserie chicken from your grocery store for this.)

1 Cup cherry tomatoes

1 Tsp. paprika

1 Tsp. cayenne

2 Tbsp. chopped basil

1 Tbsp. parsley

Ingredients for Raw Mint Pesto:

1/4 Cup fresh mint

1/4 Cup fresh green kale

1/4 Cup raw walnuts

1/4 Cup fresh parmesan

2 Tsp. fresh lemon juice

1/8 Tsp. sea salt

Black pepper. (As desired)

Directions: (Approximate cook time: 25 minutes; Serves 2-3 adults.)

  1. Follow the cooking directions on your package of Brown Rice Pasta. (Have your pasta cooking while you prepare the pasta sauce & raw mint pesto.)

  2. Next, take the grapeseed oil & chopped onions, and place them in a medium-sized stovepan over medium heat; Cook onions until softened, for about 5-7 minutes.

  3. Add in the fresh minced garlic, and cook until it becomes aromatic. (About 1 min.)

  4. Toss in the shredded chicken, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped fresno peppers, a dash of black pepper, and cook for an additional 2-3 minutes.

  5. To complete the sauce, add in your tomato basil pasta sauce, along with the spices & herbs; Turn down your heat to medium-low, and cook everything for 3 minutes.

  6. Next, take the cooked brown rice pasta, and mix evenly with your pasta sauce.

  7. For the raw mint pesto, take all of your ingredients and blend them together into a food processor/blender until well incorporated; serve the pasta onto a plate, and then top your pesto onto the pasta (as shown in the picture).

  8. Eat & enjoy!

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Easy-Bake Oatmeal Cupcakes!

Cupcakes with only 4 ingredients, 15 minutes prep time, and less than 50 calories per-serving? We’ll take ’em! Check out these Easy-Bake Oatmeal Cupcakes submitted by Mirela Øien of Trondheim, Norway; these naturally sweetened healthy & delicious treats are 44 calories each, and packed with great amounts of dietary fiber & protein! Try them out with a fresh fruit topping like raspberries or strawberries for an even more food conscious dessert/snack. Let us know what you think about this awesome recipe by leaving a rating & comment at the bottom of the page, and we hope you enjoy! Happy Cooking. – Tasty25 Staff

 Easy-Bake Oatmeal Muffins


CALORIE COUNT: 44 Calories Per ServingSERVING SIZE: 19 grams


What you need:

2/3 Cup organic oatmeal

2 Eggs

1 Tbsp. ground cinnamon

3 Tsp. Stevia sweetener (12 grams)

Directions: (Approximate cook time: 15 minutes; Yields 8 cupcakes.)

  1. Mix all of your dry & wet ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl.

  2. Fill 8 cupcake liners evenly with your cupcake mix, and place the cupcakes on a flat cooking pan.

  3. Place cupcakes in the oven for 8-10 minutes on 375 F°; remove from oven when cupcakes are golden brown.

  4. Remove cupcakes from your cooking pan, and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Serve alone, or with a fresh fruit topping. (Raspberry topping shown above.)

  5. Eat & enjoy!

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Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes!

2012 was a SPECTACULAR year for our food conscious community, and we’re starting the New Year right with an awesome new breakfast recipe! Check out these healthy & delicious 15-Minute Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes submitted by Tasty25 contributor Amber Constant of New Orleans, Louisiana; they’re guilt-free, warm, fluffy pancakes, packed with dietary fiber, calcium, and complex carbohydrates! This 327-calorie recipe is a food conscious way to get your metabolism going in the morning, and make a healthy & delicious meal worthy of Tasty25 stardom. Let us know how they taste by leaving a rating & comment below, and we hope you enjoy! Happy Cooking! – Tasty25 Staff




Every recipe has a story! Amber shared hers with us: “The reason why I use a mixture of regular oats and steel cut oats is because steel cut oats are less processed, thus retaining more of its nutrition. Also, to spice it up, I added Crofters Natural Berry Jelly on each pancake layer, plus fresh cut D’Anjou Pears on top with chia seeds, coconut, raw agave nectar, and pumpkin seeds. So yummy!” –Amber


CALORIE COUNT: 327 Calories Per ServingSERVING SIZE: 2 Adults


What you need:

1/3 Cup organic oats

2/3 Cup organic oatmeal

1/2 Cup almond flour

1/8 Cup organic flax-meal

1 Egg

3/4 Cup 2% milk

1/8 Cup apple juice

1 Stevia packet (2 gram packet)

1 Tsp. baking powder

1/2 Tsp. vanilla

3/4 Tsp. cinnamon

1/4 Tsp. sea salt

1/4 Tsp. nutmeg


*If you want this recipe to be gluten free, make sure the oats you buy are certified gluten free. If you want it to be vegan, replace the egg with a “chia or flax egg”.


Directions: (Approximate cook time: 15 minutes; Serves 2 adults.)

  1. Put your oats in a food processor or blender, and grind them as finely as possible until it resembles a flour. (Some of the steel cut oats will still be somewhat coarse.)

  2. Next, heat a nonstick frying pan over medium to medium-high heat.

  3. Put all of your dry ingredients together in a bowl, and whisk just enough until its all evenly mixed; Do the same with all of your wet ingredients in a different bowl.

  4. Now, combine your wet & dry ingredients. (TIP: If your mixture seems too runny, you can always add more flax-meal to absorb the liquid; this absorption isn’t immediate, so wait a few minutes.)

  5. Apply coconut oil or olive oil spray if necessary onto hot pan or griddle, then ladle 1/3 cup of batter onto it; Wait until you see bubbles on the top on the pancake and dry edges, then flip. Repeat this process until all of the pancake are done; serve immediately.

  6. Eat & enjoy!

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Tasty25 TV: Strawberry & Peach Salad w/ Chicken!

It’s never a bad idea to whip up a balanced salad in the kitchen for lunch or dinner! Check out Episode 2 of Tasty25 TV, as we bring you a Strawberry & Peach Salad w/ Chicken recipe submitted by a very special Tasty25 contributor – Chef Dana Herbert of New Castle, Delaware. Chef Hebert recently competed for Buddy Valastro’s 8-week baking contest “Next Great Baker” on the cable television network TLC™, and won first place! His culinary creations have also been featured on several other cable TV networks, including WeTV™ and QVC™, and it’s an honor to welcome this world-class baker & food enthusiast to our food conscious community. His salad recipe is a complete meal consisting of only 390 calories per serving, contains 33% of your daily Vitamin A recommendation, and over 124% of your Vitamin C! Give Chef Dana’s recipe a try, and let us know what you think by rating and/or commenting. Enjoy, be food conscious, and Happy Cooking!  – David Jones II, Editor



What you need:

2  6-oz chicken breasts

2 Bunches of spinach/baby spinach (Washed, dried, and cut if needed.)

3 Cups sliced strawberries

1 Cup sliced peaches

1/2 Cup walnuts

2 Tbsp. poppy seeds

2 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice

2 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

1 Tbsp. honey

1/2 Tsp. dry mustard

1/4 Tsp. black pepper powder

Pinch of sea salt & paprika


Photo by: Erik Meyer


Directions: (Approximate cook time: 15 minutes; Serving size – 4 adults)

  1. Using a whisk, combine the lemon juice, 2 Tbsp. of olive oil, dry mustard, poppy seeds, and a pinch of salt & paprika until all ingredients are dissolved; Place dressing in the refrigerator.

  2. Next, heat your oven to 350 degrees; Place walnuts & almonds on a metal baking tray, and toast in the oven for 8-10 minutes.

  3. Cut the chicken breasts into even horizontal strips; Place on a cooking grill, and grill until cooked all the way through. (10-15 minutes.)

  4. After the chicken is thoroughly cooked, toss torn spinach leaves, strawberries, and peaches in a large bowl, and drizzle the refrigerated dressing over it.

  5. Now add walnuts, and top salad with grilled chicken; serve immediately.

  6. Eat & enjoy!

 Thanks Chef Dana for sending in this wonderful arrangement to Tasty25 Magazine! What’s your Tasty25 creation? Send in your recipe, and be featured on Tasty25 by going to the “Submit Your Tasty25 Creation” page.

Southwestern Pizza Pie!

Who said that living a healthy nutrition lifestyle has to be dull & bland? Because we’re not buying it! It’s recipes like this Southwestern Pizza Pie sent in by Jacie Brigham of Los Angeles, CA that keep everyone at Tasty25 excited about healthy & delicious recipes that take only minutes to make. This recipe is hearty, wholesome, and is good for ya! Cook this one up for your next lunch or dinner, and let us know what you think; We LOVE to hear from our community of food conscious people! Enjoy, and Happy Cooking! – Tasty25 Staff



What you need:

1 12-inch 100% Whole wheat pizza crust

1 Cup prepared tomato salsa

1 1/4 Cups shredded, reduced-fat, 2-percent mozzarella

1 1/3 Cups canned black beans (Drained and rinsed.)

1 Small sweet red pepper (Seeded and thinly sliced, about 2/3 cup.)

1 Small green bell pepper (Seeded and thinly sliced, about 2/3 cup.)

2 Scallions, trimmed, and thinly sliced

2 Tbsp. oregano (Optional)

1 Tbsp. basil (Optional)

1/4 Cup cilantro leaves for garnish (Optional)

Extra-virgin olive oil

Directions: (Approximate cook time: 20 minutes; Serves 3 adults.)

  1. Heat the oven to 450 degrees °F.

  2. Coat a baking sheet lightly with olive oil; Place crust on sheet and top with salsa, 1 cup of mozzarella, beans, sliced red pepper & green peppers, and scallions; Top with the remaining 1/4 cup of mozzarella.

  3. Place pizza in oven, baking for 8 to 10 minutes. (Or until mozzarella is melted.)

  4. Remove from oven, and garnish with oregano, basil, and cilantro. (If desired.)

  5. Cut into slices and serve.

  6. Eat & enjoy!

Thanks Jacie for sending in this wonderful arrangement to Tasty25 Magazine! What’s your Tasty25 creation? Send in your recipe, and be featured on Tasty25 by going to the “Submit Your Tasty25 Creation” page.

Food In Focus: 10 Simple Tips for Eating Whole Grains!

Most all of us know that whole grains are an essential part of a healthy diet, but how practical is it to make this adjustment in our nutrition? It’s easier than you think!



 Let’s start with the facts. The Whole Grains Council, a non-profit consumer advocacy group working to increase consumption of whole grains for better health, gives a definition that whole grains or foods made from them must contain all the essential parts and naturally-occurring nutrients of the entire grain seed. If the grain has been processed (e.g., cracked, crushed, rolled, extruded, and/or cooked), the food product should deliver approximately the same rich balance of nutrients that are found in the original grain seed in order to be considered whole grain. 

 In addition, according to the US Department of Agriculture, any food made from wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, or another cereal grain is a grain product. Bread, pasta, oatmeal, breakfast cereals, tortillas, and grits are examples. All grains are divided into two subgroups: whole grains and refined grains. Whole grains contain the entire grain kernel—the bran, germ, and endosperm.

 It’s been proven that people who eat whole grains as part of a healthy diet have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Which is great news for those of us who want to live full & vibrant lives, right? The WGC shows us that some of the benefits of whole grains most documented by repeated studies include:

  • Stroke risk reduced 30-36%.

  • Type 2 diabetes risk reduced 21-30%.

  • Heart disease risk reduced 25-28%.

  • Better weight maintenance.

Other benefits indicated by these recent studies include:

  • Reduced risk of asthma.

  • Healthier carotid arteries.

  • Reduction of inflammatory disease risk.

  • Lower risk of colorectal cancer.

  • Healthier blood pressure levels.

  • Less gum disease and tooth loss.


 Ok, ok, so now that you get the importance of whole grains, check out our 10 tips supported by the USDA for incorporating whole grains in your healthy diet each day. Learn em, and live em!


10 Simple Tips for Eating Whole Grains:

  1. Make simple switches. In order to make half your grains whole grains, substitute a whole-grain product for a refined-grain product. For example, eat 100% whole-wheat bread or bagels instead of white bread or bagels, or brown rice instead of white rice.

  2. Whole grains can be healthy snacks! Popcorn, which is a whole grain, can be a healthy snack for your healthy diet! Wow, who knew?! Make it with little or no added salt or butter. Also, try 100% whole-wheat or rye crackers.

  3. Save yourself some time. Our lives are always going 200 mph each day, so pursuing health while saving time is a huge plus! Cook extra rice or barley when you have time. You can freeze half to heat and serve later as a quick side dish.

  4. Mix it up with whole grains. Use whole grains in mixed dishes, such as barley in vegetable soups or stews and bulgur wheat in casseroles or stir-fries. Also, try a quinoa salad or pilaf.

  5. Try whole-wheat versions. For a change, try brown rice or whole-wheat pasta. Try brown rice stuffing in baked green peppers or tomatoes, and whole-wheat macaroni in macaroni and cheese. Remember, small changes in our nutrition can have huge effects in our lives!

  6. Bake up some whole-grain goodness. Experiment by substituting buckwheat, millet, or oat flour for up to half of the flour in pancake, waffle, muffin, or other flour-based recipes. (Note: They may need a bit more leavening in order to rise.)

  7. Parents, be a good role model for your children! Set a good example for your children by serving and eating whole grains every day with meals, or as snacks!

  8. Check the label for fiber. Use the Nutrition Facts label to check the fiber content of whole-grain foods. Good sources of fiber contain 10% to 19% of the Daily Value; Excellent sources contain 20% or more.

  9. Know what to look for on the ingredients list! Read the ingredients list, and choose products that name a whole- grain ingredient first on the list. Look for “whole wheat,” “brown rice,” “bulgur,” “buckwheat,” “oatmeal,” “whole-grain cornmeal,” “whole oats,” “whole rye,” or “wild rice.”

  10. Be a smart shopper! The color of a food is not an indication that it is a whole-grain food! Foods labeled as “multi-grain,” “stone-ground,” “100% wheat,” “cracked wheat,” “seven-grain,” or “bran” are usually not 100% whole-grain products, and may not contain any whole grain.

“Whole grains are essential to my personal nutrition, and Tasty25 Magazine is excited to bring you 10 tips to help you become more mindful of this essential area of healthy eating. Learn them, live them, and Happy Cooking!” – David Jones II, Editor

Mojito Fruit Salad!

A true one-of-a-kind healthy & delicious recipe! This Mojito Fruit Salad, sent in by Lillian Vargas from San Antonio, TX, is a tasty & creative way to get in your daily serving of fruit, along with 100% of your daily suggested Vitamin-C intake! This sweet tasting treat takes only 5 minutes to make, and can be served fresh or chilled in the refrigerator for an hour before serving. Rate and comment below, let us know what you think, and Happy Cooking!  – Tasty25 Staff



What you need:

1 Cup cubed, seeded watermelon

1 Cup seedless grapes

1 Cup cubed cantaloupe

1 Cup strawberries (Cut in halves.)

1 Cup kiwi (Peeled & cut into quarters.)

1 Cup fresh blueberries

3 Sprigs fresh mint

1 Tsp. white granulated sugar

1 Tsp. honey

2 Tbsp. fresh lime juice

Directions: (Approximate cook time: 5 minutes; Serving size – 4-6 adults)

  1. Mix the watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, strawberries, and kiwi in a bowl with a tight-fitting lid; Top fruit mixture with blueberries.

  2. Stir mint, sugar, and lime juice together in a bowl, crushing mint with the back of a spoon while mixing to extract flavors; Pour over fruit mixture.

  3. Just before serving, gently toss or flip the sealed bowl several times to coat the fruit with the dressing. (Serve fresh, or refrigerate 1 hour before serving for cold salad.)

  4. Eat & enjoy!

 Thanks Lillian for sending in this wonderful arrangement to Tasty25 Magazine! What’s your Tasty25 creation? Send in your recipe, and be featured on Tasty25 by going to the “Submit Your Tasty25 Creation” page.